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Ability Back Spinal Corrective Care
Dorking | Guildford Postural Optimisation, Spinal Correction and Natural Healthcare Practices

Not Your Average Spine or Back Problem Clinic

Guildford and Dorking families love Ability Back Chiropractic

Guildford and Dorking families love Ability Back Spinal Corrective Care

With two locations to assist you in Guildford and Dorking, Ability Back works hard to be different. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, regain and maintain their health – especially children.

Can Spinal Correction you?

At Ability Back, we start by having a free brief telephone conversation to determine if we are likely to be able to help you. If indicated we invite you to visit the practice for a complimentary in-person assessment (value £47) –charging nothing until we are absolutely convinced we can help.

No Charge Telephone Conversation

We offer our risk-free consultation to ensure neither the practice nor the patients resources are unnecessarily wasted. As we move forward, nothing chargeable will be performed without first advising of fees. This is a key difference.

Last Port of Call

These strategically different approaches and others ensure your confidence, and are the reasons many people come to Ability Back as the “last port of call” having tried many other methods and passing many other practices on the way.

Unique Strategies

There are essentially three different levels of spinal complaint handling:

1. “Hands Off” (Something in your mouth/ something in your arm/small room and very sharp knives).

2. “Pain Relief-Uncorrected Problem”, often with an exercise routine. Feeling better, but actually getting worse! We have seen literally thousands who have been treated this way by partially-trained (sometimes completely untrained) therapists.

3. Accurate and Measurable Assessment - the approach that always works. This is because the problem is properly investigated and revealed in a measured and demonstrated approach. The correction -once achieved- is then revealed in easily understood measured terms. (Three vital components).

1. & 2. are invariably useless for the long term resolution of a chronic, trauma-induced or repeated episode spinal complaint, often leading to ‘wear & tear’/arthritis and other complications.

Improving Lives

Ability Back has improved the lives of 14,000+ families in Dorking & Guildford -often dramatically- since 1987. Call Today to get started.

Tony Parker | Dorking & Guildford Spinal Correction

Dorking Phone: 01306 884050 | Guildford Phone: 01483 888900