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Ability Back What makes us different

Not The Average Spine or Back Problem Clinic.

We start by having a free brief telephone conversation to determine if we are likely to be able to help. If indicated the person will be invited to visit the practice for a complementary in-person assessment (value £47) –charging nothing until we are absolutely convinced we can help. Nothing chargeable will be performed without first advising of fees. This is a key difference. Ability Back has improved the lives of 14,000+ families -often dramatically- since 1987.

The free consultation is to ensure neither the practice nor the patients resources are unnecessarily wasted.

There essentially three levels of dealing with spinal complaints:

The most superficial being the “modern medicine” approach
–pain-killers, anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery
–often helpful but never dealing with the actual cause of the problem;

Next level is the less superficial “spinal check” to determine if there is actually a movement or mobility problem with the spine, together with “ad hoc” or “as required” treatment
– an approach many people are quite happy with, but having its’ own drawbacks in that without a full and proper measurable evaluation it is impossible to know what will be required to rectify the complaint, or how close the complaint is to rectification, or what is really necessary to keep the spine functioning correctly (beyond periodic “check-ups”);

The highest level: for proper correction it is essential to fully evaluate the condition followed by ongoing testing and measuring to determine the improvements.

At Ability Back, the preliminary risk-free consultation will analyse several vital areas:

  1. Determining whether or not there has been a postural loss or disturbance (not simply “looks a little misaligned”).
  2. Determining the actual root cause(s) of the problem –unlikely to be “twisting getting out of the car” or “leaning too heavily on the lawnmower” or “awkward turn in bed” –most people can do the things most people can do without aggravation, good backs do not suddenly “fall apart” following relatively minor events.
  3. Determining any other body malfunction caused by the spinal misalignment. There can be many causes, often due to compensations affecting other parts of the body –misalignments frequently have consequences elsewhere within the body, many ailments arise as a result of nerve interference (consider anything recurrent and/or unexplained).

Highly Informed Assesment

With this information and other important considerations the practitioner can make a highly informed assessment of what will be necessary to rectify the complaint. This is essential for proper rectification because undetected/ uncorrected spinal problems (or those not properly resolved) tend to “keep coming back” and can have consequences in terms of wear and tear/arthritis.

Many people think they can tell about the condition of their spine from how they feel –totally false, many conditions (including those of the spine) usually have symptoms at a relatively late stage e.g.s: for some heart attack victims death is their first “symptom”, often 40-60% tooth decay before any pain, terminal cancer diagnoses often only weeks or months before death, sometimes severe arthritic decay in relatively young people only recently having symptoms –symptoms can never tell the full story.

In Depth Explanation & Written Evaluation

Ability Back also differs from other practices in that an in depth explanation together with a full written evaluation of the condition is given (i.e. easily understood written and picture-based explanatory notes to take home, enabling the commencement of correction as soon as possible) –believed to be the only practice in Europe offering this level of information. Our sophisticated 17+ point evaluation procedures ensure the best understanding of the condition enabling efficient treatment procedures without the “window-dressing” adopted by others.

Your Last Port of Call

These strategically different approaches and others ensure your confidence, and are the reasons many people come to Ability Back  as the “last port of call” having tried many other methods and passing many other practices on the way.

They also explain why medical doctors not only refer many of their patients to us but also use our services personally.

Many fully accredited written success stories are available in our practices reception areas.

Ability Back also takes a pride in a high level of expertise and being “exceptionally nice people to deal with”.

Ability Back – Be the best you can be.

  • Free telephone evaluation
  • Risk-Free in-person assessment
  • 14,000+ families lives improved since 1987
  • Unique evaluation procedures
  • Unique re-evaluation/improvement assessments
  • Full disclosure reporting
  • Easily understood explanations
  • High level expertise and experience
  • Pleasant friendly atmosphere
  • Numerous success stories

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact us and get started today!

Ability Back Spinal Corrective Care

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Guildford Clinic
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